Rebound Carers' Group CARING about those affected by drug & alcohol abuse
 Rebound Carers' Group CARINGabout those affected by drug & alcohol abuse 

Our Aims


We seek to support our members


To Understand

The problems their loved ones face when trying to come to terms with their addiction to drugs / alcohol


To Gain Strength

To be able to keep boundaries and concentrate on their own lives.  To stop 'enabling'


To be Kind to Ourselves

By interacting with others who are in a similar situation, members support each other to concentrate on their own mental and physical health


To Accept

They cannot change their loved ones' choices and behaviours:  they can only change their own attitude and learn to accept their situation.


Carers' Charter

  • I will NOT support or assist you in any form of addictive behaviour
  • That includes alcohol and drugs
  • I WILL, however, support you in being free of those things
  • I will NOT tolerate you being aggressive, disrespectful, insulting or controlling
  • I WILL, however, support you in any attempt to make yourself healthy, well and fulfilling the potential you have to do positive and wonderful things


Our Funding

Rebound is grateful for the funding support we receive from Portsmouth City Council - The Safer Portsmouth Partnership Drug and Alcohol Team which enables us to provide this service.

Contact us

You can telephone us on

07939 580167.


This is a dedicated phone line for Rebound.  If you would like us to contact you, please leave a message - we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


You can also use our contact form.

Group Meetings are held in the Carers' Centre

Rebound Carers' Group

117 Orchard Road



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